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You love the look and feel of your carpet. And you love the way the color complements the other furnishings in the room. So, how do you protect your carpet and keep it looking like new for years to come? Shirden's Carpet Cleaning Service (859) 586-4900 offers the following tips to prolong the beauty and life of your carpet.

Keep walkways and entries clean. Sweep, blow, vacuum or rinse soil away from all  entry ways often.

Use walk-off mats at all entrances. This will prevent dirt from being tracked inside and soiling carpets and rugs.


(859) 586-4900

Vacuum regularly. Vacuum at least twice weekly in high-traffic areas and weekly in all other areas to remove dust and particle soil. Use high quality equipment with high efficiency vacuum filter bags. Replace filter bags when 2/3 full for best results.

Treat spills immediately using a mild cleaning solution. Test it in an inconspicuous spot to ensure that discoloration does not occur.

After treating spills with a mild solution, gently blot with a clean, white cloth. Rubbing may cause damage to the carpet fibers. Continue blotting until the spill is removed or until no more color is transferred to the cloth.

Rinse away all cleaning agents. Mist the carpet with plain water to remove the cleaning agents. This will prevent discoloration or rapid soiling.

Have carpet professionally cleaned annually. Light-colored carpet may require even more frequent professional cleanings. Call Shirden's Carpet Cleaning Service today!

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"What To Do When Water Damage Occurs" - Click Here  If you have broken water pipes, leaky appliances or a heavy rainstorm has caused your basement to flood, you need to take immediate action to protect your property. One unforeseeable release of water and suddenly your home and furnishings are in serious peril. A little knowledge about what to do, combined with quick action, can help salvage your home and personal items.

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